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Welcome to the home theproject.

MJoy is an application capable to convert the joystick movements into custom MIDI messages, using a set of translation rules defined by the user through a graphical interface.

After almost two years of prototyping, the first public alpha version is now available for free evaluation!
Click here to download the current release of MJoy!

Key features of MJoy:
Supports two joysticks (up to 6 axis and 6 buttons for each one)
Translate joystick movements into MIDI Continuous Controller messages
Translate buttons pressure into MIDI Note on/off messages
Enhanced graphical interface with presets manager
Has a MIDI Thru option
Multithreaded design and low response time

The original purpose of this project was to achieve a degree of physical interaction with the softwares used by DJs for live mixing of music, investigating an alternative (and cheap) approach for bending and scratching the tracks; I have spent a lot of time working on this project and now i really need your help and your feedback to plan its future, so please send your opinions and suggestions to tasker@otk.it